Bithumb Global - Digital Asset Trading Platform with Staking

Updated: Jul 16, 2020

Looking for an exchange to start buying or trading cryptocurrencies? Why not give Bithumb Global a try? With an ecological layout, a long-term commitment to security, and professional customer service, Bithumb Global might be right for you! Especially if you are looking to build a position in some hard to find altcoins!

One of the things that drew me personally to Bithumb Global is their wide selection of cryptocurrencies available to trade. Some coins listed on Bithumb Global cannot be found on other exchanges, such as Binance or Coinbase. My personal favorite is QNT aka Quant Network!

In my experience, depositing funds to the exchange is a pretty easy process. Also, I have found their spot trading functions quite easy to use, with a wide variety of BTC and USDT trading pairs with fair liquidity. In addition, I have experienced first-hand their excellent customer service, as they respond right away!

Bithumb Global also offers users the ability to earn passive interest on their coins by staking and even allows users to mine coins! The only con that I have found is that the verification slider to prove that you are not a robot seems to be very finicky. You have to be super precise with that puzzle piece or else it will not verify. Eventually, I have always been able to solve the puzzle without fail.

Register for Bithumb Global today on their desktop website or by finding the app in the App Store or Google Play to start buying and trading cryptocurrencies!

For the desktop website, follow the link to Bithumb Global and enter 8jwpat as your invitation code to get started!

Alternatively, you could scan the QR Code located at the bottom of the poster on the left!

For more information on Bithumb Global, or to learn more about the Bithumb Family, visit the official Bithumb Golbal Official Website today!

Happy trading!

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