This isn't your avaerage My Little Pony sticker pack. This one is for adults! Specifically programmers. The sticker pack is great for use on MacBook Pro, PC, Motorcyle Helmet, or even a Baby Crib. Get yours today to start showing off your inner-nerd! 


Height: 1.2in (3cm) - 3.9 in (10cm)
Width: 1.2in (3cm) - 3.9 in (10cm)
Features: No-duplicates in Set, Waterproof, Sun-protection, Leaves No Trace
Diameter: 0cm
Length: 1.2in (3cm) - 3.9 in (10cm)
Weight: 40g/pack
Model Number: 50 Pieces of Programming Stickers
Warranty: None
Material: High Quality, Waterproof, Vinyl PVC
Color: Colorful!
Sticker Patterns: Programming Logos
Use1: Laptop, Macbook, Skateboard, Luggage, Car, Bumpers
Use2: Bike, Bicycle, Bedroom, Travel Case, Bicycle, Motorcycle, Snowboard
Packing: 50 Pcs/pack
Pattern: Internet, Java, JS, Php, Html, Cloud, Docker, Bitcoin


Ships to USA via Cainiao Standard in 20-40 days. Estimated shipping time for other countries may vary.

50 Piece Sticker Pack | Bitcoin Programming Internet Java Php Html Cloud Docker

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