This is a 24 pin power supply. The dual power supply is a synchonous starting cable. It can startup or shutdown two low power supplies, sychonously to increase power supply. This solves the problem of not enough power supply when using 5+ video cards. This product is easy to assemble and easy to disassemble.


Brand Name: TISHRIC
Type: PCI-E Riser
Model Number: TSR442/G
Name: Power Card
Type: TISHRIC ATX 24 Pin to 4 Pin Molex Power Supply Sync Starter Card
Application: Extension Cable ADD2PSU for Bitcoin Mining Miner
Function 1: ATX 24 Pin
Function 2: 15 Pin SATA Molex/4 Pin
Function 3: ADD2PSU Dual PSU Adapter
Function 4: 15 Pin SATA/4 Pin to 24 Pin
Color: Green


Ships to USA via Cainiao Super Economy in 30-50 days. Estimated shipping time for other countries may vary.

ATX Power Supply Sync Starter Card | Dual PSU Adapter Extension Cable | ADD2PSU

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