Imagine slapping some of these bad boys onto your bike or snowboard! This 50 piece sticker pack has a logo for just about every programming language ever created! It even has the ever so coveted mother of all stickers, the BTC! Disclaimer: Owning a BTC sticker does not mean that you own BTC. Enjoy!


Height: 0.04in (0.1cm)
Width: 1.2 in (3cm) - 3.15 in (8cm)
Features: Waterproof, PVC, Sun-protection, Leave No Trace, Not Repeat Stickers
Diameter: 1.2 in (3cm) - 3.15 in (8cm)
Length: 1.2 in (3cm) -3.15 in (8cm)
Weight: 40 g/pack
Model Number: SR700050V
Warranty: One year
Style: Programming Language
Color: Colorful!
Material: High Quality PVC
Sticker Patterns: Java, Cloud, Docker, Bitcoin, Programming Language Logo
Suitable for: Men, Women, Child, Teenager, Gift for Children
Packing: 50 Pcs/pack
Use 1: Stickers for Laptop, Skateboard, Luggage, Car, Bumper, Snowboard, Phone
Use 2: Stickers for Children, Bicycle, Motorcycle, Suitcase, Guitar, Helmet, Motorbike
Use 3: Stickers for Kids, Bike, Travel, Case, Fridge, Macbook, Computer, Phone
Use 4: Java Stickers
Use 5: Programming Language Stickers
Use 6: Waterproof Stickers


Ships to USA via Yanwen in 20-39 days. Estimated shipping time for other countries may vary.

Cool Stickers! | 50 Piece Sticker Pack | Internet Java Html Cloud BTC and More!

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